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Boost Your Vehicle's Performance

Improve your vehicle's performance and gas mileage with a complete muffler system checkup from Treviño's Muffler Shop.


With 22 years in the muffler business, we can quickly repair or replace your muffler and get you back on the road safely.


Don’t wait until your car can be heard from a mile away. Call us for your FREE estimate today!

Top-notch muffler brands you can trust

  • Flowmaster

  • Magnaflow

  • Borla

  • Aero Turbine

Trust Your #1 Muffler Experts

Great exhaust parts and prices

  • Jones Turbine

  • Universal

  • Cherry Bomb

  • Dynomax

Muffler Borla Cherry Bomb Dynomax Flowmaster Magnaflow